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When you are asked to describe someone’ appearance, the first thing that comes to mind is a person’s hair. It may be curly, straight, short, or long. The color may be red, blonde, or brunette. Having a wig helps in the transformation, empowering you to capture your dream and create new beauty images.

How do you describe yourself? Hair color, along with length, texture and style is the most common description we use to identify who we are. Thanks to the artistry of modern hair system designers, it is possible to find a wig that replicates your original hair or even improves upon it.
Choosing to wear a wig can be for several reasons:

  • Loss of hair due to hereditary factors also known as female pattern baldness or alopecia. 
  • Temporary loss of hair due to chemotherapy.
  • Ease of styling for travel.
  • Entertainment.

Call for a free consultation for your new wig in St. Paul and Inver Grove Heights. Finding the proper size, color, and style are important features in finding the wig that’s right for you.

All wigs and hair pieces are custom ordered.

  • Normal delivery is 10 business days or 2 day express delivery for an additional charge.
  • Prices of synthetic fiber wigs range from $120-$300.
  • Hand-tied and human hair are slightly higher priced. These prices include personalized cutting, thinning, and sizing.